[mpisgmedia] Re: Improving Delhi urban transport through UniModal PRT technology

Dear Mr Ankur Bhatnagar,

Thank you for your mail. As one not associated with
any government or professional institution, I do not
presume any mandate for advocacy of alternatives and,
on old-fashioned principle, do not collaborate on
areas (eg, PRT) in which I have neither specialized
qualification nor issues arising from professional
experience. I think you might be confusing me with
someone else, so I am copying this to two mail-lists
for information of others.

Best regards,
Gita Dewan Verma, Planner

--- Ankur Bhatnagar <[email protected]>

> Dear Ms. Gita Dewan Verma,
> I represent a US based technology company in India,
> called UniModal Inc. This company owns a new public
> transport technology based on the principles of
> "Personal Rapid Transit".
> We are looking at the possiblity of introducing our
> technology in Delhi for public transport. I was
> wondering if there are ways in which we can work
> together.
> The key highlights of the technology are:
> 1. Low cost and high capacity
> 2. High transport speed
> 3. Extremely safe
> 4. Point-to-point, no interchange service
> 5. Very convenient and fast in installation
> 6. Very thin section, therefore minimal visual
> impact on city landscape
> All of above improvements are very significant
> compared to existing options. For example, the speed
> of travel would be 150 kmph uninterrupted.
> Please refer to our websites http://www.unimodal.com
> and http://www.skytran.net for more information
> about us and our technology.
> I am sure that as a concerned citizen and as a
> planner, you would be interested in exploring the
> possibilities for decongesting the urban landscape
> being opened by emerging technologies. I suggest
> that we mutually discuss the ways in which we can
> collaborate towards improvements in urban transport.
> Best regards,
> Ankur Bhatnagar.
> India Representative
> UniModal
> Phone: +91-98106-15464 (Delhi)

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