[mpisgmedia] Re: Improving Delhi urban transport through UniModal PRT technology

Dear Ms. Verma,

At the minimum I would like to build awareness and generate discussion among experts (e.g., planners like yourself) and concerned citizens about new technologies in public transport systems that we have.

We indeed believe that we have the next generation solution at hand for problems of traffic congestion, slow speed, pollution, etc. at a very low cost and simple, feasible technology. Existing alternatives like automobiles, buses, metro trains, etc. being 200 years old technologies, perhaps should make space for fresh ideas and fresh approaches for planning.

As a planner and someone who has a close feel of Delhi city and its master plan, you might have opinions in which situations such a solution may fit the best, or you may have doubts and querries.

Thank you for forwarding my mail to the mailing lists. I invite comments from the users in the lists on how they see the system and if they have any querries.

Regards, Ankur.
Phone: +91-98106-15464 (Delhi)

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Dear Mr Ankur Bhatnagar,

Thank you for your mail. As one not associated with
any government or professional institution, I do not
presume any mandate for advocacy of alternatives and,
on old-fashioned principle, do not collaborate on
areas (eg, PRT) in which I have neither specialized
qualification nor issues arising from professional
experience. I think you might be confusing me with
someone else, so I am copying this to two mail-lists
for information of others.

Best regards,
Gita Dewan Verma, Planner

--- Ankur Bhatnagar <[email protected]>

> Dear Ms. Gita Dewan Verma,
> I represent a US based technology company in India,
> called UniModal Inc. This company owns a new public
> transport technology based on the principles of
> "Personal Rapid Transit".
> We are looking at the possiblity of introducing our
> technology in Delhi for public transport. I was
> wondering if there are ways in which we can work
> together.
> The key highlights of the technology are:
> 1. Low cost and high capacity
> 2. High transport speed
> 3. Extremely safe
> 4. Point-to-point, no interchange service
> 5. Very convenient and fast in installation
> 6. Very thin section, therefore minimal visual
> impact on city landscape
> All of above improvements are very significant
> compared to existing options. For example, the speed
> of travel would be 150 kmph uninterrupted.
> Please refer to our websites http://www.unimodal.com
> and http://www.skytran.net for more information
> about us and our technology.
> I am sure that as a concerned citizen and as a
> planner, you would be interested in exploring the
> possibilities for decongesting the urban landscape
> being opened by emerging technologies. I suggest
> that we mutually discuss the ways in which we can
> collaborate towards improvements in urban transport.
> Best regards,
> Ankur Bhatnagar.
> India Representative
> UniModal
> Phone: +91-98106-15464 (Delhi)

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