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PIL- a tool to make money?

New Delhi, December 17
Public Interest Litigation (PIL) being camouflaged as “Paise Income Litigation” would have been the last thing the Supreme Court would have thought of until it dealt with a case in which an advocate made use of the laudable concept to extract money from some persons.

Dismissing an appeal against the Bombay High Court, which had imposed a cost of Rs 25,000 while dismissing a PIL by the advocate, who was caught while taking ‘black mailing’ money, the apex court said courts had to act ruthlessly while dealing with imposters and busybodies or meddlesome interlopers impersonating as public-spirited holy men.

Noting that the concept of PIL was devised to help the judiciary in extending its long arm of sympathy to the poor, ignorant, oppressed and the needy, a Bench comprising Mr Justice Arijit Pasayat and Mr Justice S. H. Kapadia cautioned that its abuse and unregulated use would make it a tool for seeking vendetta.

Calling upon the courts to be careful while entertaining PILs, the Bench pointed out that some persons were meddling with the judicial process either by or from improper motives, and tried to bargain for a good deal, including ‘enriching’ themselves. — UNI

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