Re: [mpisgmedia] MPISG streamlining: request

I am sorry I can't atttend the meeting, because I will be travelling back to Delhi that day. Will catch up later. 

On Mon, 27 Dec 2004 Gita Dewan Verma wrote :
>Master Plan Implementation Support Group is just a
>synergy platform on which citizens have been engaging
>since 2000. With Public Notice for the Master Plan
>2021 imminent and some recent developments throwing up
>options for broad-based synergy, we feel the need to
>formalise / streamline our functioning. In particular
>we need more conveners from different areas / types of
>areas, issues, inputs, etc, who can help us be
>organized over the next few months. If any one can
>volunteer for / help with this we will be grateful.
>Please mail to [email protected] and also please
>let us know if you could attend an MPISG meeting on
>thanks and regards,
>MPISG Planner
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