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These proposals were already there in the 1990 plan and the Minister provides no answers to how much of those proposals have been implemented or how delhi secretariat was shifted to IP Estate when the proposal was to redevelop old secretariat barracks in 1990 and don't miss the commercial component!

After residential and industrial now it is turn of government land.


DDA gears up to shift offices to NCR

New Delhi, December 29: After the Union Ministry for Urban Development had proposed two years ago to shift government offices from the National Capital to the NCR, the DDA has now introduced a proposal to optimise government office land use in the Capital.

The ministry had earlier identified 11 Central government offices which were to be shifted from Delhi.

According to the proposal only such new Central Government offices, which directly serve the ministries of the Government of India and the liasion offices of the undertakings should be located in Delhi. The draft goes on to say that the quasi-government employment needs to be judiciously distributed in the regional towns as a part of the National Capital Region.

The growth in the government sector was significant till 1981. However, as per the report on the Economic Census, 2003, the employment in all government offices except that of Central Government and Delhi Government is on the decline including quasi government (Central and State) and local bodies.

According to the new proposal, the Government of India, the Government of NCTD and local bodies are occupying prime land in Delhi for their offices.

Most of these offices have been set up immediately after Independence. The proposal says that large areas are underutilised and ‘‘have completed their economic life.’’

The proposal has been conceptualised due to the the downsizing of government employment and a need for generation of resources by the ministries and optimum utilisation of existing government offices.

The DDA has now proposed the intensive utilisation of existing government offices and land. The surplus land can be utilised by the government itself for the development of residential units. The DDA has further proposed that 10 per cent of the total FAR can be utilised for commercial use to make the restructuring process financially feasible.

While major offices of the Government of Delhi were shifted from the historic Old Secretariat to Indraprastha Estate, the DDA has now recommended that the barracks area adjoining the Old Secretariat be redeveloped to accommodate additional offices of the Government of Delhi.

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