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we (of the mpisg that supports lawful planned development and opposes
illegal unplanned development) want to set up (on az-plan, all permitting)
an anomie-minder, with anomie awards, etc, and, inspired by tsunami
relief-raiser race, now also an anomie-relief (truly) virtual fund -
basically a list of proposed illegal-and-disastrous projects with costs.
any time disaster strikes, a couple of these could be ditched and the
funds transferred for current disaster relief while also averting proposed
disaster. the rest who want to do-good and add small-change can contribute
to separate feel-good-thankyou-tsunami(or whatever) fund. there will, at
the least, be no flavour of favour in disaster relief then, and hopefully
significant long-term continuing disaster mitigation as well.

eg, for tsunami mcd could have shelled out 24 cr by ditching the mindless
project it has no jurisdiction to do but for which it is currently
evicting thousands to grow grass in name of river in this fine weather
(while donating just 4 cr to PM); dmrc-gnctd could have shelled out 100 cr
by ditching their silly and admittedly illegal IT Park on the riverbed
(for which they have sought immediate evictions, while GNCTD has decided
to contribute just 2 cr); corporates could have shelved the 1100 cr malls
and more in ridge area and contributed 2% of taxable bit @ do-good cess
for education; all funded green and pink NGOs directly and indirectly
supporting such willfulness could have transferred propotionate shares of
their winter investments, ITPI could have cancelled and transferred full
cost of its pointless master plan implementation conference that concluded
yesterday in indore, etc.

at the moment this sort of thing could be misunderstood as being uncaring
about tsunami victims (which it most certainly is not), so we will start
afterwards. (If we were capable like the Yes-Men, we would have been
announcing on behalf of the disaster-makers huge amounts for tsunami
relief by ditching disasters-in-the-making in Delhi and in tsunami-prone
coastal cities and quake-prone hill towns (where CBT histrionics are
crying for egg in the face post Phuket), disastrous activism and seminars
everywhere, etc, but we are mostly dinosaurs, what-a-pity!)

gita (as mpisg planner)

> Arch wrote:
>> The country has been hit by Tsunami tidal waves
>> caused by an earthquake on 26th Dec 2004.
> This country has been hit by a wave of apathy! Early Warning Systems
> exist the world over to predict this kind of a calamity,
> ""In the absence of instrumentation we could not have known that
> the earthquake in Sumatra would lead to tsunami on our coasts,"
> Minister of State for Science and Technology and Ocean
> Development Kapil Sibal told a press conference here.
> "It is not a phenomenon that has occurred in this part of the
> world. If we had had any inkling we could have reacted faster."
> http://www.eians.net/2004/12/29/29busk.html
> I'LL BET AT THEIR SUNDAY BRUNCH, AT IIC., probably; discussing,
> probably, and in all probability, discussing the earthquake somewhere
> off their radar
> I vote to set-up a calamity management fund, along this model..
> Assasination Politics by Jim Bell
> http://www.tamerlane.ca/library/cp/ap.htm
> and along these lines...
> http://cryptome.vwh.net/pipermail/cryptome/Week-of-Mon-20041213/000153.html
> let's just name the guys who could have acted years ago to stop this
> kind of a trajedy, and start a kitty to assist the grief struck who
> might want to have their say against the litigating, ngo-infested,
> court-going, deeplely moralizing apathic state that we have allowed to
> exist
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