Re: [mpisgmedia] Parliamentart Committee visit to Vasant Kunj tomorrow?

When I came to know of the visit, I assumed that it was in response to the
efforts of MPISG. The least they (committee) could do was to meet the MPISG,
but perhaps I was hoping too much!

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Subject: [mpisgmedia] Parliamentart Committee visit to Vasant Kunj tomorrow?

> I understand the Parliamentary Committee that invited
> in June 2003 views on DDA is to visit Vasant Kunj
> tomorrow, by arrangement of DDA, inclusive of
> interaction with local community (presumably RWA
> and/or NGO bhagidaars).
> The non-bhagidaar majority here has been opposing
> unlawful bhagidaari dwell-up-ment, as Master Plan
> Implementation Support Group. We had sent views in
> response to the Committee's public notice and later
> also requests for hearing and even visit. These are
> with reference also to disregard of court orders,
> statutory public notice processes, etc (including,
> incidentally, in cases relating to, eg, Sahara
> Restaurant, Khattar & sons girls hostel, etc). We hope
> the Committee's visit has something to do with what we
> have raised with it, but we are not sure.
> Opinion among MPISG conveners about going for
> bhagidaari-interaction here is divided - the last we
> attended was in winter of 2001, when we got beaten up
> for wanting to raise with our MP questions that we
> felt he should be raising for us in Parliament, which
> was in session, while the RWAs who had paid for
> garlands and snacks wanted to recite their lists of
> municipal grievances to him.
> On behalf of those considering the option, etc, this
> is to request to tell if you know:
> (1) details / schedule of the visit / community
> interaction
> (2) residence contact of Mr Sitaram Yechury (Vasant
> Kunj resident), since we have been raising our issues
> in context also of NCMP
> thanks
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