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> When I came to know of the visit, I assumed that it
> was in response to the
> efforts of MPISG. The least they (committee) could
> do was to meet the MPISG,
> but perhaps I was hoping too much!

Parliament Secretariat informed those in Vasant Kunj
who had responded to the Committee's Public Notice of
22.06.2003 and MPISG attended the interaction on that
invitation. The others who attended were RWA office
bearers and others whom the area MLA and Councilor
invited ? to felicitate the area MP and place before
him their DDA related grievances!

There is a "story" in Express Newsline (titled
"Residents' fire for MPs, DDA officials", at
that has got its facts wrong about Parliamentary
Standing Committee, has cooked up (at least for the
Vasant Kunj interaction) "residents? fire" and
"tutorial" for the MPs (even DDA!), has ignored the
Committee?s assurance of confidentiality and has, of
course, done its usual number of selective reportage,
presumably fed to it by its sources / bhagidaars. From
Vasant Kunj we (MPISG and also others who saw our
point since we were allowed to speak) are writing to
the Committee about this, also because a direct
beneficiary of DDA corruption that Express is
purportedly crusading against is none other than GD
Goenka School in Vasant Kunj (in matter duly mentioned
before the Committee but understandably not reported).

In general, it is high time to take note of damage
being done by media interference in statutory,
judicial and parliamentary processes for participation
of citizens (by no means reducible to the
extra-constitutional tiers of governance that RWAs,
NGOs and other bhagidaars have become) in Delhi Master
Plan. Currently appalling is the reportage of
so-called Draft DMP-2021, no more than internal
document, yet to be approved even by DDA's Authority
(forget MoUD), that some one seems to have "leaked" to
the media. There is an equally shocking report about
the views that "several bureaucrats and policy-makers
of the Capital who were given confidential copies of
the draft" have likewise "leaked":

If all this is in a bid to "influence" the decision of
the Authority at its meeting on 10.01.2005 (when this
draft is to reportedly to be put up), it is most
unfortunate and (at least planning and development)
history will not forgive us for it.

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> Subject: [mpisgmedia] Parliamentart Committee visit
> to Vasant Kunj tomorrow?
> > I understand the Parliamentary Committee that
> invited
> > in June 2003 views on DDA is to visit Vasant Kunj
> > tomorrow, by arrangement of DDA, inclusive of
> > interaction with local community (presumably RWA
> > and/or NGO bhagidaars).
> >
> > The non-bhagidaar majority here has been opposing
> > unlawful bhagidaari dwell-up-ment, as Master Plan
> > Implementation Support Group. We had sent views in
> > response to the Committee's public notice and
> later
> > also requests for hearing and even visit. These
> are
> > with reference also to disregard of court orders,
> > statutory public notice processes, etc (including,
> > incidentally, in cases relating to, eg, Sahara
> > Restaurant, Khattar & sons girls hostel, etc). We
> hope
> > the Committee's visit has something to do with
> what we
> > have raised with it, but we are not sure.
> >
> > Opinion among MPISG conveners about going for
> > bhagidaari-interaction here is divided - the last
> we
> > attended was in winter of 2001, when we got beaten
> up
> > for wanting to raise with our MP questions that we
> > felt he should be raising for us in Parliament,
> which
> > was in session, while the RWAs who had paid for
> > garlands and snacks wanted to recite their lists
> of
> > municipal grievances to him.
> >
> > On behalf of those considering the option, etc,
> this
> > is to request to tell if you know:
> >
> > (1) details / schedule of the visit / community
> > interaction
> >
> > (2) residence contact of Mr Sitaram Yechury
> (Vasant
> > Kunj resident), since we have been raising our
> issues
> > in context also of NCMP
> >
> > thanks
> > MPISG Planner
> >
> >
> >
> >

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Re: [mpisgmedia] Parliamentart Committee visit to Vasant Kunj tomorrow?, prakash
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