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> There is an effort to prepare teacher use materials
> for the delhi government
> schools. The text books are in place and now the
> manual needs to be made.
> Iwas interested in putting in some actitivities that
> childeren of age 10- 14
> could do in the local areas of delhi

Delhi government has satellite images and is also IT
enabling its schools; the manual could adv teachers
how to get (with or w/o RTI) the image for the local
area (for children to analyse), borrow government's
GPS gadgets (for children to ground-check), do
sponsored photography workshop followed by exhibition
and interaction with area RWAs/NGOs and
bhagidaars-turned-experts to decide what to do next...

i think the manual should adv teachers on how to
maintain an info kit and use it to identify each term
activities on basis of local developments and
opportunities. Basic kit (to which students work can
progressively add) would need only the foll, all
purchasable and/or poto-copiable in SPA library:
1. latest Eicher map (for overall status at any stage)
(earlier I'd have said survey-of-India map, but these
are not being updated any more, while Eicher has at
least updated once)
2. Master Plan city land use plan (1981, 2001, and
2021 when it is notified) for context and in space,
time and policy trends
3. parts related to area around school from Zonal
Development Plan and approved layour plan (layout plan
is not public document, but DDA makes it available for
academic purposes)

Other maps as well as photographs and other data can
be added from various institutions / researchers over
time and by children themselves with or independently
of these. the manual should adv teachers to justify
activities with reasoned arguments, for checks and
balances against child-abuse in bhagidaari (eg, by
tree-plantation for illegal projects, lamp-lighting
and invocation song for foundation-stone-laying for
illegal projects, etc)

in mahipalpur-mehrauli area, we (mpisg) did this (with
govt school children, and now that PIL based on
student activity in this approach has won maybe govt
will want to consider it seriously)

for doubters and dismissers :
i believe in plannerisation of school curriculum, see
nothing wrong in child-labour for progressive
info-banks, see great merit in connecting education to
longer-term frameworks rather than pastimes of
governments of the day and consider child-activism
against anomie not only great education but also
preventive intervention to channelise adult-activism
in sensible directions as well as against child-abuse
by senseless adult-activism-n-advocacy. anyone wanna
debate any of that? most welcome.

and, i am planner, know nothing of pedagogy (except
from fun, including by bringing out for a year, in
1993, a monthly magazine for small children!), but
this is about manual for teachers. and I am qualified
trainer (with DoPT dips in both DST and ToT) with
experience of designing (with manuals) and running
training programmes and events for govt, goras as well
as private firms and also univeristy level courses for
donor agencies (Nuffic and UNICEF) and planning
academia, including QIP inputs. am also planner to
groups that won in court and are gearing up to win on
ground their case for statutory common school system
(DMP) solutions that no one else seems to understand.
so am not quite going quack-quack.

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