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Looks like job is well done.HUB
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> On Sunday 30 January 2005 scores of bulldozers
> levelled encroachments standing since 1952 on both
> sides of Ring Road at Naraina in what a younger DCP
> described as
> biggest-demolition-drive-to-clear-biggest-bottleneck.
> The drive spared one block (by court stay in a matter
> in which final order is expected on Feb 3) and places
> of worship (about which DCP has spoken to their
> religious committees to work out a solution) was
> welcomed by citizens comprising The Traffic, hopeful
> of the ride down Naraina flyover becoming smoooooth.
> There was No-Resistance.
> <>.
> Every one I spoke with about this said things to the
> effect BUT-the-road-did-need-widening-there, the BUT
> at times embarrassed, even apologetic. BUT why was
> this day picked to widen a road by demolishing
> enterprises in an area where those dislocated during
> the Partition abound (recall Republic Day address of
> President, recall the Mahatama)? BUT why was so much
> force deployed if there was No-Resistance (recall the
> war-like Voluntary-Evictions from riverbed in
> February-May 2004 and ridge in July 2004)? BUT why did
> a court stay postpone the fate of one block and not
> all (recall the crafty court-craft for Pushta
> clearance)? BUT why were the religious structures
> spared (recall the demolition on 29 December 2004 of
> two dozen temples and mosques in Shantivan Pushta,
> part of no Bottleneck)?
> These BUTs butt nothing. Pan to Bottleneck at Masudpur
> on Mehrauli-Mahipalpur Road, caused by some 400-500
> shops on either side. Ever since the silly one-lane
> flyover that now descends into this was forced on us
> here, traders and residents from flats, villages and
> bastis have been asking for these to be shifted to our
> Community-Centre site, nodal planned commercial
> facility for local community (duly defined simply as
> 100,000 residential population) meant to have 475
> shops including 180 informal / small shops. This point
> has been made in responses to Public Notices (not
> disposed off), memoranda to Standing Parliamentary
> Committee (to be heard), in two court matters
> (awaiting replies), representations leading to CVC
> reference (awaiting action). The site has now been
> given to one Sun-City-MALL, illegal.
> We have written today to ask for, besides basis of
> allotment of our Community-Centre site for Mall,
> assurance that for any Bottle-neck clearing at
> Masudpur the illegal Mall and not old enterprises
> conveniently called profiteering-encroachers, etc,
> will be demolished.
> (The site is the same, and site-office selling Mall
> space is exactly where, our genuine bhagidaari
> (between flat residents and small / informal shops)
> for lawful solution for problem of vegetable market on
> main road outside by shifting it inside (after having
> made detailed proposals in a report and been assured
> action on them, only as interim arrangement, mainly in
> panic about the NGO driven policy that has survived
> the change in government) was summarily and violently
> demolished in October 2001)
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