[mpisgmedia] More free-seats litigation - regardless now also of MPISG PIL order

A year after the order for 25% free seats, become 20%
BPL quota reiterated by Mr Lovely last week, 30
schools have challenged it all. Both sides of this
discourse, headed the free-beds way, are pathetic. The
free seats condition is a small part of the statutory
Delhi Master Plan scheme for equal access
neighbourhood schools and can neither be waived on
grounds being claimed by schools nor implemented in
isolation as proposed in the free-seats PIL / Delhi
Government's directives.

MPISG PIL (based on efforts since 2000, filed in
December 2003 in face of imminent free-seats order
amidst drifting education Bill discourse) for
enforcement of the holistic statutory solution and
rectification of violations getting in its way were
disposed off on 27/10/2004 with directions for
violations to be rectified in 12-weeks.

We have written today to ask for the fact of
non-compliance in our PIL to be placed in other
matters before the court ? for it to judge bonafide of
continuing litigation in name of equal education in
Delhi without reference to the statutory scheme for
it, litigation that seems to us diversionary tactic
spawned by reluctance to rectify violations (arising
primarily from Delhi government's illegal
recommendations and permissions) that also leaves no
confidence in proper use of the 2% education cess.

We believe many would rather seek and find durable
holistic solutions for education. We continue to seek
and find those willing and able to join in trying to
bring to fruition the 5-year-long effort for this in
Vasant Kunj area (where our PIL order directly
applies), also so that robustness of the holistic DMP
approach (tantamount to national guideline by virtue
of approval by Parliament) can be demonstrated in face
of imminent abandonment by DMP revision amidst
free-seats discourse. If inclined, please peruse
http://plan.architexturez.net/site/mpisg/f and eml.

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