[mpisgmedia] ndtv show on free-seats

anyone catch ndtv we-the-people on free-seats
yesterday? i missed it and need to know about it.

there never was any basis in law or sense to approach
universal education from free-seats-quota end. the
"landmark" judgment on which this obfuscation stood
has also fallen. and the holistic original statutory
solution to which that simple "alternative" was
posited has also been upheld by the court (on
27/10/2004). the education bill has been put on
priority, the resources from 2% cess will start
rolling in. we can keep debating meaningless quotas
till egalitarian options that we are pretending do not
exist are killed by new law or we can say oops so that
new law is better than what we have. free choice in
free country.

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