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> New infrastructure scheme for 60 cities planned
> NEW DELHI, FEB. 14. The Union Government is working
> on a proposal to formulate a National Urban Renewal
> Mission for 60 selected cities to address issues of
> infrastructure development and management of assets.
> ...Steps had been taken to
> permit property development along the Delhi Metro
> Rail corridors as well as the metro stations.
steps? to override s.11A Public Notices and court
matters? the minister seems in a hurry, as do secy and
dmrc md:

Babus derail Metro commercial plans
...Though oral orders to the effect were issued by the
Secretary, Anil Baijal, in December, the babus have
been delaying matters as a result of which nearly a
dozen Metro commercial complexes have got held up. The
delay in the approval, despite its sanction from the
Secretary himself, has finally got the goat of the
DMRC Managing Director, E. Sreedharan, who has now
shot off a letter to the Ministry seeking early
compliance of the orders... some vested interests in
the Ministry appear to be on an ego trip which now
threatens to derail the progress of the Delhi Metro

//er, dont Mr Baijal & Mr Sreedharan fall in babudom?

//and no one needs to fret about delay in unfettered
property-development derailing our pride project. even
metro Act contemplated only 7% cost recovery by p-d
and i recall reading somewhere this was reduced later
to 3%. dmrc might have spent that much on PR by now.

i suspect the hoopla is esp for the GNCTD-DMRC IT park
on riverbed, whose progress was revied by CM on Dec.1,
which might have led to Mr Baijal's speaking-order.
maybe they are about to start the 2nd block there now.

"babus" sitting on this have at least my respect.

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[mpisgmedia] New infrastructure scheme for 60 cities planned, ratnam
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