[mpisgmedia] Education Bill Petition to Rajya Sabha

A petition to Rajya Sabha praying that the Free and
Compulsory Education Bill not be proceeded with till
clarification of preference for central law, basing
its architecture on a scheme inferior to that set out
under another central law, etc, and, if the Bill is
proceeded with, for exempting Delhi from its purview
in view of conflict with Delhi Development Act, 1957,
and so as not to frustrate a number of constitutional
processes underway is at:

I sent it by courier on 03/03/2005 and do not know if
it is proper to post it or even to have made it (I
found the procedure on Parliament website) or when the
Bill is to be tabled (news reports suggest soon), etc.
The procedure has the option of routing petitions
through MPs, but we did not know which MP would be
interested in this. If someone knows, please forward
or tell. For the context, please browse one level up
in the url to the [mpisg]facilities page and for any
suggestion / clarification please eml.


Gita Dewan Verma, MPISG Planner

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