[mpisgmedia] Manushi-MCD model-market (court update wrt dmp2021)

The matter in which RWAs moved High Court against
Manushi-MCD model-market in Sewa Nagar was listed for
final disposal today, but was adjourned ? on joint
request of counsel for the parties on the plea that
senior counsel for the parties are in Pakistan. (I was
in court because MPISG has moved an intervention
application that could not be taken up for the same


Media seems not to have reported the RWA Petitioners'
perspective. Manushi-MCD perspective has, expectedly,
been supported in press:

Express newsline had reported on 11/03/2005:
FOUR months after street vendors adopted the MCD's
pilot project of creating a model market for them in
Sewa Nagar, the plan seems to have run into trouble.
While the project approved in 2002 by MCD commissioner
Rakesh Mehta entails the setting up of 159 kiosks,
only 19 have been completed so far. ..."Work on the
rest of the project has been stalled after councillor
Basoya threatened vendors from taking possession. We
started work on the first 20 kiosks in October 2004.
We had to complete the section in three months but
repeated interference by Basoya and his men has
derailed everything," said Kishwar, adding that the
project has the sanction of the Supreme Court.
"Congress spokesperson Ambika Soni has given Rs 25
lakh from her MPLAD fund...

Hindustan Times had reported on 07/03/2005:
THE SEWA Nagar colony will soon show the city how
giving hawkers a market of their own can end
encroachment of streets and lanes. ...The project had
run into rough weather lately with two residents'
welfare associations (RWAs) appealing in the Delhi
High Court for an interim stay. The RWAs claimed that
the market would block traffic and jam roads. The
court refused to give a stay. Manushi's lawyer Pinky
Anand said the market isn't new. "People with vested
interests are opposing the project. Criminals and
police collect protection money from vendors and it's
in their interest that the hawkers are not given a
legal status," she said. Architects have re-designed
the rehris (carts) and platforms in Sewa Nagar to
improve their functionality and aesthetic appeal...


The Rakesh-Mehta-approved, Ambika-Soni-endowed, etc,
etc, Manushi "model" that has thrown up in four years
for "benefit" of so far 19 hawkers one illegal
pilot-project that local councillor and RWAs seem not
to want is poised to become capital law (in draft
DMP-2021, text of which has also gone up lately on DDA

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