[mpisgmedia] 20% free seats directive - stayed?

I think High Court today extended to other schools the
stay (granted earlier in the DPS matter) on the 20%
free seats directive that Delhi Government had issued
in April 2004 in purported compliance of High Court DB
order of January 2004 in a Social Jurist PIL.

(The bunch of matters in which hundreds (literally) of
schools have challenged the directive was adjourned to
06 May ? when the first case came up at item 14. I
overheard GNCTD counsel mention the adjournment to the
education directorate officer who was waiting outside
the courtroom, where I was also waiting ? for item 26
in which MPISG has an intervention application and
which was earlier listed for 14 April, which was
declared holiday, and our lawyer was unavailable today
and I was to ensure we do not get dismissed for
non-prosecution. Somewhat baffled about how to ensure
the needful at item 26 if it has already been
adjourned at item 14, I had gone in for inspiration,
which came at item 36, in which the counsel for the
school said GNCTD was issuing notices about free seats
even as the directive had been stayed in one case and
the stay should apply to all cases ? and an order to
this effect was passed for the whole bunch, which
presumably applies also to schools not in court).

Yesterday Principal Secretary to the PM handed out 108
educational scholarships granted by a charitable
temple trust to visually impaired as well as
economically disadvantaged children. see

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