[mpisgmedia] One year of UPA Govt: Major Decisions (PIB release)

have links to pdf documents

cries for a rigorous one vis-a-vis that NCMP. if
anyone does, do please post.

the first of the two has (p.7) Setting up of National
commission on Enterprises in the Unorganised /
Informal sector. The Commission will review the status
of unorganised / informal sector in India, identify
constraints faced by thes in terms of freedom of
carrying out the enterprise, access to raw materials,
financial skills, entrepreneurship development,
infrastructure, technology and markets and suggest
measures to provide institutional support to
facilitate easy access to these requirements. The
Commission will also suggest the lgal and policy
environment that should govern the informal /
unorganised sector for growth, employment, exports and
promotion. [17.9.2004]

[The matter challenging quite comprehensively the
illegality of model pilot project being built for
about 150 hawkers by Ms Madhu Purnima Kishwar, adviser
to said Commission and one of the two ladies-NGOs that
have been writing since 2001 the score for the tune
its ToR sings, is next listed on 09/05/05].

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