[mpisgmedia] Making City work: Delhi 2021 - Appraisal of Master Plan

On 7 May, Diwan Chand Institute of National Affairs in collabration with PHD
chamber of commerce and industry organised a seminar on Making CIty Work:
Delhi 2021- Appraisal of Master Plan at PHD house.

I did not attend the seminar but some of the SPA faculty did. This is what I
was told as some of the highlights.
Former LG Vijay Kapur was the Keynote Speaker and he said the Plan has
followed the guidelines earlier issued by the Ministry except in some
places. Jagdish Sagar, Former Secy (Power) Govt. of Delhi said the with
privatisation of power there is no link between land use and bijli as bijli
will be available everywhere irrespective of the land use. Sunita Narain,
Director, CSE (also member of the subgroup on Environment) talked about
water and treatment of water at local level as well as lowering of water
demand. Mr. H.R.Suri, Past President, Institute of Town Planners talked
about how DDA is doing resettlement at far off places which is problematic.

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