[mpisgmedia] Pioneer series / ufionline

--- sarbajit roy <[email protected]> wrote:

> The Pioneer has also been running a series of
> MPD-2021
> by some "ufionline.org",who seem 2 be SPA profs etc.

seem new kids on anti-DDA block (only this 'debate' /
collection of Pioneer articles of the 3 of them is
active on their web). not Profs, seem like faculty
(architecture courses). obviously have not noticed
that SPA has been general-consultant to DMP2021 for
five years, which makes them institutionally as much
to blame for whatever they are hitting DDA with now.
(btw, besides DDA-scam, SPA-scam blew in 2003; neither
got cleaned up. other premier-ones likewise)

> When oh when is the mpisg going to organise an
> online
> "bloggy" where objections can be focussed chapter
> wise

most of mpisg is not online! open platform, pick a
chapter and start a discussion (i can promise at least
one more discussant!)
meeting of 29/05 was to take stock of implications of
near certainty of
summary-rejection-after-careful-consideration of
public notice responses. obviously we need to get more
creative. next meeting is on 08/06

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