Re: [mpisgmedia] Do you have MoUD's Public Notice on 70% industryin-situ.?

--- poonam prakash
<[email protected]> wrote:

> You r right. content is almost unchanged.
> Notification no. is 538. They were
> out of copies. will get them by tueday. 716
> objections were carefully
> considered.
| my post-notification requests to DDA/MoUD
| my fret is I had made constructive suggestion.
| have asked for proof / type of consideration
| to decide about how to respond to DMP2021

| my other true-type plannerly suggestion,
| for safdarjang area, is also mentioned.
| both connect to IT Park public notice
| and are mentioned in my response to that :)

| about industries affair fret about for 5-yrs
| i feel good it at least reached s.11A
| the rest is about state of democracy!

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Re: [mpisgmedia] Do you have MoUD's Public Notice on 70% industryin-situ.?, poonam prakash
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