[mpisgmedia] free-seats mess / school education


mpisg letter to Secretary MoHRD, through whom GoI is
impleaded by order of 26/05/05 in the huge bunch of
free-seats matters. have sent our intervention
application and letters that Prez had also forwarded a
year ago and petition to Rajya sabha about the Bill to
ask for consideration of our suggestion wrt our letter
to LG for that wrt which we sought and got a mention
from the court to ask parties to the same.

with all so busy fighting one another to "win" some
battle that need not have started, a different
perspective might just help and their ideas have
anyway failed and unlike the rest of the parties who
have responsibilities and are accused of failures, we
are intended beneficiaries aggrieved by the failure.

I think our case, good since 2000, has become great.
problem is the provisions it relies on are proposed to
be thrown out of the window in DMP2021!

browse the url. at the least it tells about a
significant court matter that media is very quiet

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