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I distinctly remember that after Ms Dikshit started
enthusiastically shutting and sealing industries units
in purported compliance of court orders, all
(including industries that had begun to seek lawful
compliance through DMP solution) began rooting for
regularisation by some high-level diktat and, after
they were persuaded that redevelopment incorporated in
DMP by due process articulated their demand best under
the circumstances, GoI/civil-society experts drafted a
proposal that all the noise-makers must have whetted
and that, in any case, was out on Public Notice for
anyone to object / suggest.

One would have expected the notification to be widely
welcomed or, at the most, some fuss about particular
objections / suggestions not reflected in the

Looks like something happened in the last couple of
months that I missed! The notification has been

- first by Delhi BJP (news reports of 10/06/05):

- and now by official of Delhi Congress Govt!

Asian Age, 13/06/05:
Authorities face bottleneck again

- By Our Correspondent

The Delhi government is in a fix on the long pending
issue of regularising industrial clusters even as the
Centre notified the terms and conditions for
regularisation on May 31. Despite recent surveys on
several industrial clusters available, it is yet to

As per the notification "non-conforming clusters of
industrial corporation of minimum 10 acres contiguous
area, having more than 70 per cent plots within
cluster under manufacturing activity/use may be
considered for re-development on the basis of surveys
and issue of notification by the Delhi industry

The re-development scheme shall be prepared by the
concerned local bodies or by the society of the
industries owners with the approval of the MCD/Delhi
Development Authority subject to statutory
environmental clearance from competent agencies."

The Delhi state industrial development corporation
(DSIDC) has already sent its report on 14 industrial
clusters which could qualify. Another nine has been
surveyed but with the Delhi ministers including the
chief minister looking for some more concessions could
jeopardise the whole exercise when the issue comes for
a review with the Supreme Court shortly, a top DSIDC
official told this newspaper.

"The Centre has done its bit, now it?s upto the Delhi
government to carry forward the notification of the
industrial clusters that qualifies. Even it?s a couple
of clusters that meet the terms and conditions, that
would send a clear message to the stakeholders as well
as the court which had been infact very considerate
despite the lackadaisical state of affairs," said the

The government is aware of the certain "impractical"
terms and conditions far removed from the existing
conditions included in the notification which would
make the whole exercise of regularisation as an
eyewash, government sources said.
For instance, the term that the cluster should have
direct approach from a road of at least 18 metres
right of way, is non practical.

When the clusters itself are space crunched, clauses
like, minimum 10 per cent reservation for
circulation/roads/service lanes, is another
impractical term in addition to the condition that the
provision of eight per cent of the cluster area shall
be reserved for parks /green buffer.

Depending upon ground conditions though, the technical
committee of DDA may relax the norms upto 10 per cent.

The permissible industries will have to get clearance
from Delhi Pollution Control Committee apart from the
other provisions/development control norms as per the
Delhi Master Plan provisions

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