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I think we have peg for Public Notice suggestions for
games village site :)
sarabjit, how to blog on?

'Games Village site not ideal' (Hindu, 18/06/05)

The Delhi Development Authority is in a fix these days
with Event Knowledge Services, consultants for the
Commonwealth Games Federation, declaring that the
upcoming Games Village for the Commonwealth Games 2010
here on the banks of the Yamuna is not ideally
... ...
The reasons given for the same by the firm during a
presentation before senior DDA officials on June 8 was
that the site it located very close to a main railway
line on which a train passes every five minutes on an
average. As such, the officials said the noise made by
the trains would be quite disturbing and not allow
those present at the village to concentrate or relax.
Further, the officials said with the huge temple
complex coming alongside, thousands of people are
expected to visit the area every day. Already the
Noida Bund Road passing before the temple complex and
the proposed village site has started witnessing huge
traffic volumes and so they felt in the next five
years coming on to the road from the village site
would become a major task in itself.
... ...
Interestingly, during the visit, the team members had
also called for scrapping this site and going in for a
new one preferably close to the IGl Airport.

(but near IGI Airport would have same problems of
disturbance and traffic volumes, besides water
problems; and hi-speed airport-village connectivity
seems possible anywhere between new delhi and airport
as per:)

Arriving soon, a Metro line (Express Newsline,

The Metro may soon zip into Delhi airport. Following a
request from the Airport Authority of India (AAI), the
Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) is set to present
its report to the Civil Aviation Ministry.
... ...

The DMRC has charted out as many as 3-4 alternative
routes from the New Delhi area to the airport and has
left it for the Civil Aviation Ministry to decide. The
train, essentially a bullet train-like service, will
be part of the ministry?s plan to revamp the airports.
The work on the corridor will be independent of the
Phase-I and Phase-II timeframes

Have hawked by courier my (techno-legalistic voluntary
arbitration leading to) suggestion of Nov 2003 to
relocate all metro-property development / world-class
development seeking riverbed, ridge and other CGWA
notified sites and not wanting to go elsewhere to NCR
to Safdarjang District Park near Safdarjang Tomb &
(letter of 15/11/03 last footnote)

Games Village was specifically mentioned in that, as
was IT Park and Sultangarhi etc. There is now a new
blue blob on Safdarjang district park in DMP2021 land
use plan that I cannot figure out from the text but
looks terribly sub-optimal for the eminently
redevelopable site (hence the last hawking in letter
of 10/06/05 for academic view on my other excellent
suggestion, rejected with notification of industries
redevelopment proposal as was in public notice).
Present attempt is bolstered with topical references
to DMP2021 Public Notice and two court matters, IT
Park and mahipalpur/ridge-case (DMRC MoUD GNCTD and
DDA being respondents in both and MoCA and CGWA in
latter) as well as to spate of news reports arising
from incredible elevated-metro-corridor opinion, of
the same chaps opining in 2003-04 about Safdarjang
site, that makes no plannerly lawyerly sense while
making copious references to DDA, Master Plan, etc, so
must be urban-design (hence cc DUAC, also cc NCRPB).

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