Re: [mpisgmedia] Dharna against Manushi-MCD evicted / who wants to protest DMP2021?

dear surendra mohan ji
sorry to hear you are unwell. and thankyou for the ml.

I carry no brief for *official planners* but I am
inclined to think their misdeeds are of omission.
misdeeds of commission are of the *unofficial
planners* that hijacked planning. draft dmp2021
reveals both quite thoroughly. atrophy spawned by
anomie, both at large!

get-well and best regards,

--- surendra mohan <[email protected]> wrote:

> Dear Gita Ji,
> Thanks very much for sharing information with me. I
> am, however, recouping from a horrible attack of
> pneumonia.
> Even otherwise, I have been unable tojoin you in
> your wide concerns for the rsidents' welfare, and
> your trenchant, but useful, exposure of the misdeeds
> of our official urban planners.
> Surendra Mohan  
> On Wed, 15 Jun 2005 Gita Dewan Verma wrote :
> >In rare-clarity snapshot of the
> deep-n-decentralised
> >democracy that we have been driven to root for in
> >bonhomie-of-bhagiddari, the dharna that Sewa Nagar
> >that has moved court against the Manushi-MCD
> >bhagidaari model-market on its road was staging all
> >this while in protest got evicted day-before
> >yesterday.
> >
> >----

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Re: [mpisgmedia] Dharna against Manushi-MCD evicted / who wants to protest DMP2021?, surendra mohan
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