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> Wrong end of stick, Police Commissioner can stop it
> under Delhi Police Act if he chooses to. REALLY,


As far as I know

(a) Police normally cannot refuse force requisitioned
by authorities. So it provided force to MCD to
relocate kabaadi bazaar to Pushta and to close
book-bazaar. (Both initiatives are unlawful in terms
of Delhi Master Plan and violative of national policy
co-authored by Delhi Police and after providing force
for them to MCD, Police permitted NGO dharna against
MCD. Our communications are primarily about this

(b) Police can stop under its Act street vending that
interferes with movement. Those powers should not /
arguably cannot be exercised, especially apropos
weekly markets, without first exercising
responsibilities for solutions under other statutory
regimes. (This is central to our communications,
intended also to counter any quick-fix requests for
use of Police Act).

As stated, MCD bullying was suspended and we have
heard from Police. For the record, mpisg is not
engaging on this from plannerly perspective, but from
ambit of national policy (come about at instance of
anti-planning types). Through 2001-2004 we have
pointed out conflicts between the policy and statutory
regimes and have succeeded in having a few of those
ironed out, which gives us space to engage. By the
way, the duly adopted policy still calls for
amendments to the Police Act.

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