[mpisgmedia] wilful dispossession and wilful schemes in bonhomie of bhagidaari

Inspection of South Delhi by Walia
Staff Reporter
NEW DELHI: The Delhi Finance Minister, A. K. Walia,
along with the senior Congress leader and Rajya Sabha
member, R.K. Anand, on Saturday carried out inspection
of various localities in South Delhi and took stock of
the various developmental works in progress. It was
also decided during the visit to construct
multi-activity sports cum cultural complex at
Alaknanda where land has been vacated due to
relocation of slum clusters.

post about the mid-winter eviction of December 2002
The DDA-scam accused featured in those reports about
the unlawful bhagidaari evictions / plans, more
graphic case of which is of the Arjun Camp families
that moved court for lawful relocation in 2002 and
were evicted in May 2003 after Sahara restaurant-bar
(on nearest EWS housing site) sent former Justice
Shamit Mukherji to jail in the DDA-scam. Later
honorarium was claimed out of bhagidaari funds for the
eviction and now in portion of same district park
cleared a multi-activity club desired by bhagidaars is
under illegal construction with illegal boring.

The scope of Arjun Camp cases was expanded to F-Zone
(South Delhi) by Order of 16/11/2003 (after DDA VC
Anil Baijal conceded on affidavit that mandatory EWS
housing was not developed in Vasant Kunj and justified
the same on grounds of adequate provision elsewhere in
the Zone, though subsequent DDA affidavit in effect
conceded mandatory EWS housing has not been developed
anywhere in it). The cases are currently being heard
for final disposal. Lok Sabha Standing Committee also
lately heard evidence on the continuing scam. Just
before that former Justice Shamit Mukherji made news
with details of his massage preferences. And
Bhagidaari made news for being duly recognised as
best-practice example of great-governance by grace of
which Delhi Finance Minister and senior Congress
leader and Rajya Sabha have now gifted Alaknanda a
multi-activity complex.

(Prabhat Patnaik tells us this great-governance is
neo-liberal rule-of-law. Facts say it is debilitating
anomie, thriving by grace of discourse that stops
short of distinguishing between the amoral and the
illegal to score ideological brownie points)

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