[mpisgmedia] Quit if you feel powerless, Sheila told

NEW DELHI: Reacting strongly to Delhi Chief Minister
Sheila Dikshit's assertion on Friday that she is
"powerless" about the increasing violence against
women in the Capital, the All-India Progressive
Women's Association (AIPWA) demanded that she quit
office if she was powerless to provide protection to
women. Describing the statement as "callous and
irresponsible" coming from a Chief Minister, the
general secretary of AIPWA, Kumudini Patil, in a press
release stated: "Ms. Dikshit's party is ruling at the
Centre and there is no way she can escape
responsibility for the deteriorating law and order in

In July 2003 CM had informed a consultation called by
Action-Aid that out of helplessness she had advised
street-children to buy whistles to call one another to
beat up cops if harassed by them and Jt Commissioner
of Police, Amod Kanth, speaking for Action-Aid after
her had translated good-governance as
that-what-you-are-giving-us-madam. Safety-of-women and
bijli (currently dominating the political agenda in
the capital -- Asian Age has interview of Ms Karat,
Hindu a report of BJP team meeting police chief and
Express and others items on congress party meeting
dwelling on these), were also dominating it later in
| Police, public, whistles, booze...
| Single-point electricity and safety of women...

CM was re-elected in 2003, her son elected in 2004.

Hers is the brand of good-governance that gets as
close as it can in democratic state to what PM will
face censure motion for having lauded at Oxford:

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