[mpisgmedia] Need Info: MPD2021 and DDA proactiveness

need info:

Has mpd2021 been passed? I ask coz DDA is procative
all of sudden w.r.t Private Participation. Everybody
knows that land sharks have bought up huge tracts of
agricultural land in South West Delhi, u know like a
Sahara City etc. DDA I suppose is just waiting to
announce that C'Wealth games will take place here and
with the airport renovation taking assuming importance
through these well timed media leaks / Metro to
Gurgaon etc. South West Delhi is the place for
"action" in next 2 years. Wots the point of spending
all this public money on airport renovation when its
going to be transferred to private players next year
when AAI will be sold off?

NCR Regional Plan shud be out in a month, at least
thats what a very nice lady (planner type) at NCRB
tells me recently.

Just want yr thoughts.


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    • From: Gita Dewan Verma
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