Re: [mpisgmedia] MetroPropertyDevelopment shenanigans

I have a reply from MoEF to copy of my letters about
clearances claimed by DMRC in its counter-affidavit.
The proposals for metroPD on the riverbed were not
submitted for clearance.

the hindu had a report on 25/08 saying kerala cabinet
has cleared the kochi metro (on delhi pattern)

--- on 25/08/05
--- Gita Dewan Verma <[email protected]> wrote:

> We have filed yesterday the rejoinder in my case
> against metro property development. It is posted
> after
> the petition and the two applications at:
> Makes, on affidavit now, the case that our
> world-class-role-model is template not just for
> world-class metro, but also for riding on it a
> third-class metroPD scam.
> -----
> Anyone knows if Kerala cabinet approved on Wednesday
> the Delhi-metro-model? (I find its pace astounding.
> Monday a high-level meeting discusses a photo-copy
> *funding-plan* for metro-by-2010 and schedules
> cabinet
> approval on Wednesday, clearances by October 31,
> start
> of facilitating-law-making...) The next one in the
> race to 2010, we can assume, will be quicker still.
> We
> will surely be world-class by 2010 at this rate
> (what
> in is anyway fuzzy claim).

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