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Nidhi, sorry, was out.

FAR and FSI are same in principle, respectively % and
ratio of built space to plot area (eg, FAR 100 is same
as FSI 1 and means total built space on plot can be
same as plot area). Together with ground coverage
FAR/FSI guide 'form' (eg 100 FAR with 25% GC means 4
storied building, with 50% 2 storied, etc). The upper
limits are related to density and designed
infrastructure capacity.

I think it was in mid-90s that Mumbai made policy to
allowing higher FSI than normally permissible as
'incentive' to builders (many, including myself,
consider this patently inappropriate). TDR (Transfer
of Development Rights) was a further contrivance that
basically means the 'incentive' can be availed
elsewhere (if not feasible on-site).

Enhanced-FSI / TDR are becoming routine even as there
is no evidence to prove that they have met their
intended objective (of solving the slum problem) at
all, forget efficiently.

can someone from mumbai or SPA please correct errors /
up-date above?

btw, i dont think the query is 'stupid'. i consider
the routine chanting of FSI-TDR serious paradigm-drift
and think it is important to keep questioning its
techno-legal premise basis.

rgds, gita

--- Nidhi Jamwal <[email protected]> wrote:

> i need to understand a very very basic thing (which
> might sound stupid as
> well).. if someone could help..
> what is floor space index (FSI) and transfer of
> development rights (TDRs)?
> i am at present in mumbai and keep hearing and
> reading these terms in
> newspapers.... to me FSI is comething like a
> goldmine which each
> politicians builder etc wants to strike.. state
> government is being very
> liberal in increasing FSI, especially in the name of
> housing the poor...
> if u want to rebuild chawals and dilapidated
> buildings, increase FSI..
> want to rehabilitate slumswallahs, increase FSI..
> how does one calculate
> it? Is it different from different areas? what is
> the logic in its
> calculations and what can happen in a city like
> Mumbai if FSI merrily goes
> on increasing at whims and fancies of politicians?
> like what happends if
> FSI is increased from 1.5 to 2.5? or more? lastly
> what is this TDR?
> i know i might be sounding stupid, but then journos
> are known for their
> ignorance and incompetence..:)
> nidhi

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[mpisgmedia] FSI and TDR, Nidhi Jamwal
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