Re: [mpisgmedia] Are women rights causing urban planning problems?

Dear Mr. Bijlani,

May I humbly say that even the clown has a role to play in a (media) circus. Furthermore sometimes the jesters have the best ringside view and considerable experience. A recent case in point being the healthy and wonderful FSI-TDR thread that is going on here in this list and my initial contribution to the thread.

To the rest of your message:-

I am on this mailing list because I think (maybe I'm wrong) that this list is to discuss urban planning issues reported in the media. Fragmentation of land holdings / renewal of decaying structures and areas (qv. recent Building Collapses in Mumbai) due to archaic succession and tenancy laws would in my view certainly come under the scope of this mailing list.

I do not know Ms. Kishwar or why she is considered to be a reknowned scholar - certainly from the article attributed to her I cannot share that view. As a subscriber to the Indian Express newspaper (print version) I found the said Opinion Editorial (Op-ed) to be sufficiently provocative to share with others on this list who may not have read the said piece. I may also inform you that the on-line version of the Express story is not complete, and several other ladies were interviewed such as Ms. Indira Jaising , Kamini Jaiswal etc. who did not address this problem of testamentary succession which Ms. Kishwar has made the thrust of her piece.

I think the question I had posed "Are Women's Rights causing Urban Planning problems?" to be a valid (although perhaps not very politically correct question at the moment) one for the few members on the list who may be interested. Certainly it interests me in an academic way and I can provide several more such associated issues concerning this such as differential rates of taxation and stamp duty on property transfers registered in name of women and the consequent loss of revenue to government by such benami deals, OR how women in rural areas of Delhi are being deprived of feedstock for gobar gas plants caused by Superior Courts harassing dairy owners. As a staunch constitutionalist I support any provision of law that takes into account preferential treatment for women and children which is not excessively discriminatory.

If I had a one-track mind as you imply, I would turn to the page 3's of all these newspapers instead. :-)

respectfully yours,

Sarbajit Roy

H U BIJLANI <[email protected]> wrote:
you are wandering. initially questioning Indian Express only because it
gives you over view of opinion and then on Kishwar for no rhyme and reason.
Try and absorb all what different people have to say and then make up your
mind- unless you have only a one track mind.HUB
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Subject: [mpisgmedia] Are women rights causing urban planning problems?

Need help from people on this list. I have recently
started subscribing to a newspaper called Indian
Express (switched over from Pioneer when it turned
pro-establishment to get ads for their Alliance Air

Yesterday I was puzzled to read Express's OP-ED on
Hindu Succession Act 1956 Amendments. The link is here
(it doesnt quite match the print edition - they had
additional inputs from Indira Jaising and others also)
and also

The lead piece was by someone called Madhu Kishwar who
is described as a Reknowned Scholar. She is apparently
associated with some NGO called Manushi.

Dear List please help me:-

1) I fail to understand this Manushi person's
statements that "a) A daughter's rights under self
acquired property were negated through the instrument
of the will or wasiyat - a provision deliberately
brought in to enable fathers to disinherit daughters
and leave their wives at the mercy of sons. b) The use
of the will as an instrument of warfare against women
has striking parallels with the use of the sex
determination test to selectively target only female
foetuses for abortion. In most other parts of the
world, neither SDTs nor the will are used in this
vicious fashion against women. Just as we have banned
the sex determination test in India, so also we must
declare illegal such testamentary documents which
selectively disinherit women of the family."

Please help me out here,

A) Are wills illegal or such a neccesarily bad thing?
What could this Madhu Kishwar person mean by wills as
an "instrument of warfare"? What is the correlation
between SDTs and Wills. In the absence of Wills or
other testamentary ways of dividing one's self
acquired property during one's lifetime - would it not
result in anarchy and family strife after one's
demise. Would it not be better that all such religious
ACTs be scrapped and there should be a uniform indian
succession act such as ISA?

B) Is consolidation of property into larger lots (by
excluding women from physical shares in property or
compensating them otherwise or by way of dowry) better
than fragmenting property into small sub-divided plots
which get overbuilt and cause urban planning

I need these inputs as an academic excercise, since I
being a Brahmo religoinist (Samaji) am not covered
under this Hindu Succession Act anyway.


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