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Dear Prashant, (and mpisg list)

Sorry , I was out of delhi (away from the net) and
cudnt reply earlier.

Hi, with ref yr email below:-

1) It seems that DHS Karkadoom is processing your
information as an application in Form A under the
Delhi Right to Information Act 2002. YOU SHOULD

2) The alternative would be to go to the High Court or
some other court to get the information under a court

3) If the information sought is routine information
you will normally receive the information in 15 days.

4) If the information is tricky or controversial you
will not receive it all. Trust me ;-)

5) As per an office-order from the Ministry/Department
of Administrative Reform,the fee of Rs. 25 (WHICH YOU
8 questions and 8 sub questions per question --> This
effectively means 72 questions. However this is not
absolute and you can ask even 1000 questions for

6) I hope that you have framed nice short and specific
questions which can be answered in YES/NO/MAYBE

7) If you dont want to pay Rs.5 per A4 sheet you can
adopt the following strategy.

a) Ask to be allowed to inspect (this means to view
and take notes from) all the documents you require.
You can obtain the particular sheets of interest to
you by paying Rs.5 (this is a good device to getting
scammed by officers who will dump a whole load of
garbage on you at Rs.5 per page)

b) Frame the questions in a way that the answer is
contained in the reply provided to you by the
Competent Authority. This is FREE.

8) I think you have been misinformed that confidential
data cannot be given. Only a limited set of
information is excluded from purview of the ACT, and
these are specified in the ACT itself (section 6??)
and conform to the Constitutional exclusions under
Article 19.

9) Make sure that that the information you seek
directly pertains to the Department of the Competent
Authority and the Department is "privy" to such

10) If you are working to a deadline, file a new
application in Form A keeping my advice in mind.

ANY FURTHER HELP CONTACT ME, I'm interested to know
how your aplication works out finally.

Sarbajit Roy

--- prashant bariar <[email protected]> wrote:

> Hello,
> It's Prashant Kumar from School of Planning and
> Architecture, New Delhi.
> I am writing this mail to share the interesting
> thing
> which myself and my group mate Subhadeep Paul, have
> seen during the data collection process for the
> ongoing study of the Area Development Plan for Zone
> C
> of Delhi.
> We were searching for the data regarding the social
> infrastructure status of that area. For that we went
> to the office of the Directorate of Health Services
> (DHS), at Karkardoma, to collect some data regarding
> the existing health facility of that area.
> We reached there and met the concerned authority
> regarding the data we required (01.09.05).We were
> told
> to fill the Form A (this is the form required for
> data
> collection from that office).
> Then we were told about the rules for collecting
> data
> from that office.
> The rules are:
> 1. You have to first deposit a fee of Rs. 25.00 for
> the form
> 2. Your data will be available to you after a period
> of 15-30 days, depending upon the type of data you
> have asked for.
> 3. You will be charged Rs. 5.00 for every page (A4)
> of
> the report you will get regarding your data. (In
> market the general price for each A4, xerox is
> Rs.0.50
> and for each printout it is Rs.2.50)
> 4. There is no relaxation in rules for student from
> any institution.
> 5. If later it is found that the data you have asked
> for is confidential then your form will be rejected
> and you will not get your required data.
> We met the higher authority there and when we told
> him
> that in the coming month the analysis part of the
> study will be started and how could we do our job
> without the required data (unavailable due to the
> rules)then his response was "rules are rules".
> In last i just want to say that the senior official
> sitting as authority must give some preference to
> the
> students and help them in their studies.
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