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This is a serious issue. I was informed that there
would be a 4 member in-house board of enquiry
consisting of VC, Comm. Planning, and 2 other DDA /
MouD persons. That Board has already commenced
functioning and that summaries of obj/suggs have
already been forwarded to said board. I had also seen
what was alleged to be the summary of all 10,000+
communications received --- which had been distilled
into about 30 or 40 pages of foolscap - printed in
landscape mode in 2 columns - consisting in left side
column of the impugned text - and on right side
portion of the comments / suggestions of DDA MPD2021
at Sec-6 VK.

What exactly are the rules / provisions on this /
constitution of enquiry board.

Has Dunu Roy actually submitted any objs/suggs to
MPD2021 ?


--- poonam prakash
<[email protected]> wrote:

> V.P.Snngh (ex PM) has forwarded a request by
> A.K.Roy (hazard Centre) to be
> part of the Board of enquiry. I have written to the
> DDA that while I am
> aware that as per the Act there are explicit
> provisions for the constitution
> of the BOard, Incase of any consideration of such
> request, I may be informed
> since I have asked to be an observer for the
> hearing.
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