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> Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 16:08:59 +0100 (BST)
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> Subject: Temors show cracks in planning
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> The MPD-2021 had initially started off with
> incorporating the parameters to address the issueof
> the Earthquakes in the plan.But somewhere on the way
> the issue got overshadowed by other "Relevant"
> issues.
> The issue always rakes up only when there is a
> tremor and then settles down faster than the tremor
> itself.
> Why it was dropped was also because of the lax
> attitude / ignorence / inability of DDA who doesnt
> really consider it important to even mention forget
> working on it.
> Delhi, Chandigarh and many parts of Haryana lie in
> Zone IV.
> The MPD-2001 although doesnt mention explicitly
> about this issue but the complete development model
> it has proposed will effectively addresses the
> planning componant of the issue.
> In the context of the MPD-2021 where it is talking
> of a model based on
> High rises and higher densities along the metro the
> issue becomes all the more important.
> Comments.people?
> Temors show cracks in planning
> 01:25:07 AM ]
> NEW DELHI: Delhi shook to its seventh tremor in a
> month on Wednesday but scientists aren't sure how
> much data the new observatories they've just put up
> can spew out.
> "This has to be analysed," said A K Shukla,
> director of India meteorological department's new
> Earthquake Risk Evaluation Centre.
> Wednesday's tremor, which shook the city at 11.10
> am, was just 1.5 in magnitude. "1.5 is very slight."
> The epicentre is believed to have been about 10 km
> away from IMD's observatory on the northern Ridge.
> "In fact," says Shukla, "most of the tremors since
> mid-March - March 18, March 28, two on April 5,
> April 9 - have been within a few km of this Ridge
> observatory."
> So, when they decided to put up - or rather, dig
> down - temporary recording positions, they switched
> the locations a bit and homed in on Pusa, Delhi
> University's South Campus, the Rajghat area, Burari
> and Bawana.
> IIT was dropped from the list. And, they're still
> "thinking" of a sixth one in the India
> Gate-Rashtrapati Bhavan area, the VIP area which
> shook so much it triggered questioning on IMD's
> abilities to monitor the small tremors.
> Now, if the tremors show signs of shifting base,
> IMD can think of switching its observation positions
> as well. But all this will only help scientists put
> their finger on the pulse of the next quake,
> pinpointing exact location and epicentre. No more,
> since quakes cannot be forecast.
> So, perhaps, more important for a city sitting in
> the middle of an earthquake-prone zone, is the news
> that for the first time, the government itself is
> setting out to map exactly which parts of Delhi are
> safer than others.
> Now, it's Delhi's turn as the evaluation Centre
> plans 600 instrument sites to record ground
> vibrations and figure out what happens - or could
> happen.
> However, what Delhi should be bothering about is
> that the city has been sitting in this zone for a
> long time, and the government doesn't seem to have
> really bothered with monitoring the details of
> safety. Till now. Even now, will the planners pay
> heed?
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