Right to responsibly refuse to vote - ask for EC public statement

In continuation of, please see,

The request for a public clarification of procedure
for refusing to vote was formally made to EC today.

Both officials spoken to have said they will consider
it urgently. More people plan to ask tomorrow,
translated text of one of the letters is below.

We think it might help for more or media to ask.
Please ask tomorrow. Nirvachan Sadan, Ashoka Road.
Letters are efficiently received, reception staff is
helpful, officials are accessible on phone from there
and there is media outside. There are still three days
before the poll.

Please circulate this.

--translated text of request some will make tomorrow--

On 05.05.04 Deputy Election Commissioner was quoted in
news reports saying that voters can 'discard' their
vote by using Form-17A. In February Chief Election
Commissioner was quoted in media about EC proposal to
include 'none of these' in EVMs.

We wish neither to 'discard' our vote nor to 'reject'
all candidates. We wish only to use our right to
refuse to vote to draw the attention of 'all of these'
to issues we have been raising for long and believe
should be on the political agenda.

We request immediate public clarification of
procedures for this so there is no confusion at the
polling booths and we and others who wish to can
'refuse to vote' as unobtrusively as possible.

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