Re: [redevelopment] Right to responsibly refuse to vote – simple, please forward

--- Gita Dewan Verma <[email protected]> wrote:
> Citizens from a dozen places in Delhi were at EC
> today
> to seek clarification / public statement about
> procedure to refuse to vote. It is not clear if EC
> will issue a statement, but the procedure is clear.
> There are no forms to be filled, no letters to be
> written, no demands needed. Just go to the polling
> booth as usual, get identified as usual, get the ink
> mark as usual and go to sign the register as usual.
> Then instead of signing and going to the EVM tell
> the
> official you wish to refuse to vote and that remark
> will be recorded against your name, the officer will
> sign and then you sign and come out. Simple. Please
> forward.
> Form 17A being referred to in media is nothing but
> the
> register of voters, which all voters sign at the
> booth. To suggest to voters to fill Form 17A sounds
> to
> me like a suggestion to capture the booth.
> We think this none-of-the-above business needs to
> stop. This *demand* makes no sense since a more
> expansive right to refuse to vote exists. Not only
> do
> have no basis to reject all candidates since media
> tells us nothing about any except major players,
> this
> rejection amounts to saying our democracy is
> incapable
> of throwing up candidates worthy of representing us
> and, by extension, that we are unworthy of
> democracy.
> The letters submitted to EC today capture this
> concern, see:
> On Monday we plan to refuse-to-vote at our
> respective
> booths and then gather at a central place ? someone
> suggested Rajghat today ? to compare notes and
> decide
> how to take this further. Please mail to
> [email protected] if inclined to synergize.
> PS.
> On Pushta, reports of polling arrangements for which
> led to all this as far as I am concerned, EC is
> likely
> to bring out a public notice. I have made today a
> formal request to be included among observers (law
> and
> procedures permitting) on grounds of previous
> representations, continuing documentation, etc.
> ---
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Right to responsibly refuse to vote – simple, please forward, Gita Dewan Verma
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