[Redevelopment] Request for DNSP text in html or doc format, etc

Dear Sir / Madam,

Draft National Environment Policy (DNEP), posted at
http://envfor.nic.in/nep.htm says it is "intended to
mainstream environmental concerns in all development
activities" (p.3) and "key environmental challenges
... relate to the nexus of environmental degradation
with poverty ... and economic growth" (p.3). However,
it makes no reference to planning and development law
that does address these challenges or to processes of
its subversion that do pose an emergent key challenge.

I wish to comment on DNEP from this perspective and
would be grateful for the text in html or doc format.
Actually I would prefer to discuss this with planning
and development experts involved in DNEP, which does
say it was "prepared through a process of extensive
consultation with experts, as well as diverse
stakeholders, and this process is also documented"
(p.3), though chapter-6 (Process of formulation of
this policy) only says "(To be documented on
completion of the formulation process)" (p.39). I
would be grateful for names, etc, of planning and
development experts involved.

I also seek clarification of how DNEP connects to
National Common Minimum Programme (not itself being an
NCMP commitment while incorporating ideas for issues
that are NCMP priorities for which other policy
initiatives are expected).

Yours sincerely,
Gita Dewan Verma, Planner

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