[Redevelopment] Industries tehelka stories of Nov 13 (by Mihir Srivastava and Dunu Roy)

Has anyone seen the Public Notices for industries?

Too much seems to be filling up the gap between their
announcement and publication. I found, among other
things, three reports dated November 13, 2004 (my
computer is showing Nov 10, am I in a time-warp?) at
http://www.tehelka.com/channels/news/news_main.asp -
tantalisingly available to subscribers only, and only
NRI and overseas readers can subscribe.

- Handbrake on relocation?
With the Delhi government regularising 24
non-conforming areas, owners are not yet smiling.
Industrial workers don?t know if they can escape being
uprooted, says Mihir Srivastava

- Anything can be accommodated, not the poor
By Mihir Srivastava

- VIRTUAL REALITY Warehouses of Mass Dirt?
The media hysteria underlines the threat to delhi?s
working class population DUNU ROY

Mr Srivastava's take on industries / DMP I don't know,
but Mr Roy's opinions featured prominently in
so-called pro-industry (anti-DMP) discourse of 2000.
Anyone see anything since the judgment by Mr Roy? (I
am curious - since another Tehelka-Roy report lately
claimed that after change of government slum evictions
have stopped, which is not true).

btw, there was no news / opinion at all on Public
Notice of 21 June (arising from the judgment) ? was

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