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Subject: NWHQ online magazine promo

THE DIGITAL CO-OP would like to announce a new hypermedia arts magazine:

- NWHQ -


"Sharpening the edge of post print culture"

NWHQ is one of the first internet publications created specifically for the
WorldWide Web. This premier release features works by local artists and
writers: Elizabeth Fischer, Jeff Keller, Tim McLaughlin, Judy Radul, John
Maxwell, Michael Turner, and Leigh R. Wolf.

The Web is a new medium for artists and writers; the works will grow over
time, becoming more labyrynthine in the process. Hopefully NWHQ will always
merit a re-visit.

NWHQ can be found at URL

[email protected]


The Digital Co-op is an organization of artists, writers, and creative computer
professionals in Vancouver. The Co-op is a community-oriented body dedicated
to the sharing of information, talent, and resources.

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