Dead Artist Desert Trailer Park

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From: [email protected] ([Brad Brace])
Subject: Dead Artist Desert Trailer Park
Date: Fri, 3 Jun 1994 00:37:22 GMT

Spirit, appetite, faith, emotion, intuition, will, experience...

D E A D - A R T I S T D E S E R T T R A I L E R - P A R K

offers scholarships and studio-space
for qualifying applicants
contact: [email protected] for info

Could it be that deep down there may never have been a linear unfolding
of history, of language. Everything moves in loops and curls, in tropes,
in inversions of meaning.

As time goes by, it is the established patterns of thought, the known
arguments, the self-perpetuating truths which become the principal
defenders of the structures in place. ..The active vocabulary needed to
question, even to simply discuss them, has withered away.

| The Dead-Artist Desert Trailer-Park is located in the American
| Southwest Desert. I basically inherited (after paying back-taxes)
| an isolated, derelict trailer-park which is being
| transformed without the interference of cultural bureaucrats
| into a working resource for creative pursuits. The financial
| overhead is practically non-existent; intelligent applicants are
| told the location of the Trailer-Park and given written permission
| to abide there. Usually some structural and creative contribution
| is made to the Park during your stay. No application fees, slides,
| or resumes are required or desired. A questionnaire is sent to all
| applicants. Expect to receive this late summer of 1994; an
| electronic response is preferred.

only the artists capable of dragging the mystic power out of themselves
seem able to work productively within the breakdown of our society...
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