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Date: 18 Jun 1994 14:33:56 -0000
From: [email protected] (Bill Christensen)
Subject: Re: Green Builder Sourcebook

Hi Michael

Thanks for the plug!

>Laurence Doxsey (I believe he's head of the Green Builder Program) told
>me that it was available from a bbs called Infinet (or Infonet) at
>512-301-2149. I haven't checked it out so I don't know much about it.

The Green Builder Sourcebook is indeed available on InfiNet at 512-301-2149.
We're a FirstClass(R) BBS, so if you have the client software, you get a
nifty graphic interface. The Sourcebook is broken out into subchapters, so
you don't have to download the entire 400+ pages to research one topic.

We also plan to include the Sourcebook among items available on our Web page,
MahaInfiNet, as soon as we get the approvals to do so.

Laurence Doxsey and Doug Seiter (program director) are also online at
InfiNet, as is Pliny Fisk, of the Center for Maximum Potential Building
You can find them in the Organizations folder, or email directly to
[email protected] and [email protected], respectively.

InfiNet costs $32/qtr or $100/yr for 60 min per day online time. We offer a
2 week trial period of 15 min/day for free. Feel free to contact me for more

Bill Christensen,
Co-Administrator, InfiNet

[email protected]

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