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Subject: Synergetics Geometry Toy Found
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The other day I was wandering through Star Magic -- another one of those
science toy-type stores -- when I was about to complain that I never
could find anything very interesting in such a store. Just as I began
to speak, however, my friend said,
"Sure, you play with the useless stuff and walk right past that thing you've
been looking for for months."
And he pointed me at a little kit called a Vector Flexor. I don't know how
many of you have run into this, but its rather neat. It's basically
colored sticks and rubber tubes, and the rubber tubes can be assembled
into an X shape and the sticks stuck into them to make a vector
equilibrium. It's pretty cool, because it can be made to jitterbug
and it comes with a pretty detailed insert explaining what it is and
even refers the buyer to several of Bucky's books.
I plan to put a blurb up for the company on my WWW site. I don't have the
information with me now, though, but I'll post it tomorrow, I think.

-- Chris

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