[design] "The Bilocating Barnes Foundation"


The 2005 Horace Trumbauer Architecture Fan Club Convention

"The Bilocating Barnes Foundation"
Saint St. Catherine de Ricci, Dr. Albert C. Barnes, Louis I. Kahn
is now scheduled for 13 February 2005

This presentation is an evolution of "Reenactionary Bilocating
Architecturism," the previously slated paper by St. Catherine de Ricci and
Louis I. Kahn.

["That was Henri (Matisse) on the phone. He's thrilled about this new
bilocating Barnes idea."

"That's great, dear. Now see if you can find out where the ELECTRO-MAGNETIC
INTELLIGENCER was originally published. We know it's the first US electrical
journal, beginning it's publication on 18 January 1840, but I can't find out
where exactly that happened."

"You're funny! You know I'm presently completely useless with my having to
reenact my first feeling of mental illness 18 January 1871 at Versailles."

"You're funny too! You just got sick because it wasn't you they were
crowning German Emperor!"

"Ha! Ha! And who's great idea was it for Ned and Eva to renew their 18
January 1912 marriage vows next Tuesday at the New Town Hall of Germantown?
Get it? A reenactment inside a reenactment that reenacts a reenactment of
something talented ancient Greeks once earned."

"Oh, that's right! Your Uncle Otto was the first King of Modern Greece,
wasn't he?]

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