Re: Gravity and Light

That which is thought in the "relativistic" metaphor which thinks the
unity of "matter curving space" and "space-time telling matter how to
move" is quite subtle, so another way to attempt to gain insight into
it is to think the light held in gravity by the very nature of its
movement of lighting, clearing a gravitational space for itself. Or
again, to think the radiative, emmanative character of light as always
held-back, and so caught in gravity from the start. Heidegger names
this in SZ by the formula that every "entwurf" (light) is "geworfene"

As a result, I would reverse your conclusion about the transcendental
structures of SZ, that they are "in spite of the manner in which a
given culture chooses to articulate its being," and so would say that
rather they allow for it.

The early and late Heidegger always remained one and the same

If you are right that "bended light is the only light that matters to
us," then I would wonder whether Messeur F. ever saw that _bended_
light is always already bended _light_.


A Peter Durigon

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