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> Can you say what you would put in the blank here? Maybe you hinted at it
> when you wrote the following in a previous post:
> >I would argue
> >that if self=world, then the opposition relevant in Being and Time is not
> >really individual vs. society, but rather community (Gemeinschaft) vs.
> >society (Gesellschaft), and thus that the introduction of Volk later is
> >not incidental, but the point of the book.
> I've found what you said in this quote very interesting. It has kept coming
> back to me over the past few days.
> However, I'm sort of choking on the phrase "the point of the book."

All right, skip the point. However, I believe it is not incidental.

Now for the ?. I left it at that because I have found several plausible
answers that crop up at various times: the philosopher, great poetry,
thinking, National Socialism, Gelassenheit, military dictatorship,
nothing, Verwindung, aesthetic redemption. Take your choice.

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