FW: Basti Demolition in Yamuna Pushta - Discussion in Saheli Office

As per the list of those who attended, Saheli representatives were at the IIC discussion of 31.04.04 (previous message). They seem to have missed the point. I hope someone at their meeting will reiterate the legal-judicial context that shows this drive is traceable to an administrative decision that used the march 2003 order in disregard of subsequent october 2003 order. And i hope someone will explain to them how anti-court propaganda, such as about the november 2002 order in the same matter, support of EC directive type reprieves, anti-law / Plan / expers stances, etc, being used in the Delhi discourse as substitute for a considered position on development, is largely to blame for the anarchy of which what is now playing out in Pushta is but an especially outrageous part.

Subject: FW: Basti Demolition in Yamuna Pushta - Discussion in Saheli Office
Date: Fri, 2 Apr 2004 14:24:31 +0530

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Subject: Basti Demolition in Yamuna Pushta - Discussion in Saheli Office

Dear friends,

We invite your participation in a discussion on the current spate of slum
demolition being carried out in the Yamuna Pushta on the behest of the Delhi
High Court order of March 2003.

There was a short reprieve when the Election Commission asked the Centre and
all the State governments on 20th February to suspend eviction or demolition
of unauthorized structures till the completion of the Lok Sabha elections.
However, the demolitions resumed again in mid March. Demolitions have also
been carried out at Safdarjung Enclave, Jangpura, Badarpur and other places
in Delhi.

Known euphemistically as ?peaceful relocation?, all these demolitions in
common have seen the use of police force, the quashing of all
representations made to the government and the judiciary, and the silencing
of the events by most of the media.

Hundreds of people are losing their source of livelihood while their
children?s education too has come to an abrupt halt, including those in the
midst of Class 10 board exams. A very small fraction is being allotted
alternate space, and that too under abysmal conditions.

The discussion will begin with presentations from Arun (Ankur) and Lalit
(Hazard?s Centre).

Let us meet to assess the situation and discuss how we too can join the few
interventions talking place, and work out concrete strategies.

When: Saturday, 3rd April, 4 pm
Where: Saheli Office

A line in confirmation would be great. Hope to see you,

In solidarity,

All of us in Saheli

Saheli Women's Resource Centre
Above Shop Nos. 105-108
Defence Colony Flyover Market (South Side)
(Near Deez Biryani Corner)
New Delhi 110 024
Tel.: 011-2461 6485 (Saturdays)

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