Letter to CEC about reported Pushta polling plans

The following is a letter to CEC wrt a news item about
polling plans for Pushta voters, in continuation of
the letter of 13.04.04 requesting EC to reconsider

----letter of 03.05.05 to CEC---

Sub: Yamuna Pushta, Form 12C, etc
Ref: 'Relocated dwellers to vote at Pushta', ToI,
03.05.05, my letter of 13.04.04, etc

According to the news report under reference not even
one voter from Pushta has registered in a new
constituency. 22 polling stations will be set up in
Pushta. MCD will ensure smooth movement of voters in
queues (even as illegalities, inclusive of extorting
30 lakhs by overcharging for plots, in its last queues
have yet to be explained). Delhi Police is expecting
violence and will accordingly be deployed (even as
protection to illegalities against citizens rather
than to citizens against illegalities in earlier
deployment is yet to be explained). Congress has
requested transport for voters (even as failure to
ensure, despite undertaking to court, transport for
exams has yet to be explained). CEO has said those not
resettled, ie, three fourths of those evicted, have
found place near the area (basis of which, besides
benefits, in such case, of slum clearance to the
constituency, need to be explained).

Reiterating my oft-raised concern that both faces of
the truth about Pushta ? viz, unlawful dispossession
and unlawful riverbed development ? are not conducive
(besides to wellbeing and future of Delhi) to free and
fair polls, this is to make two requests:
(1) I do not wish to vote because this election
appears to me heavily 'controlled' by spoils of
unlawful development and unlawful dispossession (both
anathema to a planner) and in pursuit of power rather
than representation through, moreover, votes sought
against rather than for candidates (and I do not wish
to cast an anti-vote in such a situation). Since your
proposal of 'none of these' option has not
materialised and EVMs do not permit invalid vote, I
need to know how to ensure my vote is not misused. I
understand a Form 12-C available at the polling booth
can be used in such cases and would appreciate
information about it, perhaps in form public
clarification since many might wish to use it.
(2) In case of Pushta I think something more may be
required, especially in view of expectation of
violence at the booths. As far as I can assess the
ground situation, left to themselves, many if not most
of those evicted are not likely to come to vote at
Pushta ? because of the distance, of having lost
identification papers, of cynicism, etc, and now also
of fear of violence. This leaves their votes up for
grabs. The ordinary voter needs, besides to be
informed about where to vote and with what
identification in case voter IDs, etc, have been lost
in demolition, assurance of protection (especially for
those still in Pushta) against expected violence and,
in case he/she does not wish to vote, options to
ensure ? without having to come to booths where
violence is expected ? his/her vote is not abused.
Perhaps a facility for use of Form 12-C could be made
available to them elsewhere through a suitably
publicised option.

I need, perhaps, also to mention that the voter ID
card I had found in debris of Gautampuri II and
reported on 04.04.04, mentioned again in my letter
under reference, is in possession of Mr Ajay Maken?s
office where I deposited it on 24.04.04 since I had
heard from no one in response to my request for advice
about how to restore it to its owner.

Yours sincerely,

Gita Dewan Verma / Planner

cc: MPISG convenors and those synergising with MPISG
in Pushta, for meeting of 04.05.04

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