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NEW DELHI - 110002
November 1, 2004.

D.O. No. F.1-34/2004 (Secy.M)

It pleases me to inform you that the Govt. of India have reconstituted the Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE) vide its resolution dated 6th July, 2004. The first meeting of the reconstituted Board was held on August 10-11, 2004 wherein it decided to set up committees of CABE to examine in detail critical issues associated with various sectors. One of the committees under the Chairmanship of Hon'ble Shri Kanti Biswas, Education Minister, Government of West Bengal has been asked to work on the subject of "Autonomy of Higher Education Institutions".

The importance attached to the autonomy is, indeed, a welcome and promising point of departure for reforms. It assumes even greater significance when it is proved beyond doubt that autonomy in governance is one of the vital antecedental variables to bringing about qualitative improvement leading to excellence and more so when in present times institutions are increasingly facing the crisis of identity.

The Committee after due deliberations have decided to follow multi-pronged strategy to solicit views and suggestions from a larger section of the stakeholders. For this purpose a questionnaire has been devised (copy posted) and interested individuals are requested to kindly browse through the questionnaire and mail their responses to Dr. (Mrs.) Renu Batra on or before December 7, 2004.

Autonomy of Higher Education Institution- A Questionnaire

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