[mpisgmedia] GNCTD and DDA budgets (expenditure proposals)

Amidst all the protest about vat and water hikes for
revenue raising in public interest, it might also be
worthwhile to take a look at the expenditure side of
last week's budgets for Delhi development, to check
the public-interest assumption >> plannerly
quick-takes on expenditure proposals in:

Delhi government's budget 2005-06
Planning Commission has approved Delhi's Annual Plan
for 2005-06 at 5100 cr ? an increase of 12.5% over the
outlay of 4532 cr for last year. Sector-wise
expenditure in the two Annual Plans, approved under
different central governments, are nearly identical,
also in terms of being largely violative of the
statutory framework for planned development of Delhi
(Constitutional responsibility of central government)
and inefficient and inequitable in comparison with it.
Doubts arising from this situation are compounded by
the claims of Delhi model having inspired urban
development proposals in the union budget as well...

DDA budget 2005-06
DDA budget 2005-06 is in complete resonance with
GNCTD?s Annual Plan 2005-06. (Lest it be thought that
UPA takeover at the centre has led to GNCTD and DDA
bonding in bohomie, both annual budgets are inertial
extrapolations of the ones approved last year, with
NDA at the helm of central affairs). In both,
expenditure proposals do not add up to anything even
remotely like planned development and in case of DDA
this wilfulness is also clearly unlawful...


the 2-1/2-year history of illegal IT-Park on the
riverbed that our CM has now inaugurated ? third
illegality inauguration by the lady in less than three
fortnights ? says much about how questions about
illegal expenditures disappeared from budget talk;
including perhaps why no one is seriously asking how
much was wasted on selling the Sonia Vihar pipe-dream
(about which, incidentally, the bit of uttranchal i
just got back from provokes hilarious thoughts)

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