[mpisgmedia] Dikshit and water for Delhi

SMS 7575 for water
... ...Stating that there was shortage of water in the
Capital, Ms. Dikshit said ... every year nearly
five-lakh people land up in the Capital adding to the
population and putting pressure on the civic as well
as the other infrastructure. Nearly 35 per cent of the
population is from the neighbouring States and it
becomes their duty to ensure proper supply of water
and power to Delhi in view of it being the National
Capital as well as mini India... ... etc etc

does anyone know the % of Delhi-walas who have first
or second homes and/or enterprises in uttranchal,
gurgaon, etc (and the % of this %that takes water
bottles filled in delhi to neighbouring states)?
Last month in uttranchal, where locals have been
facing water problems as a result of lots of
Delhi-walas moving in, friends mentioned requests from
Delhi corporate groups about to come to camp for food
to be cooked in mineral water.
Now, does it become Ms Dikshit's duty to offer to
shift Sonia Vihar treatment plant to Uttranchal? And
DJB's to send, in the mean time, tankers to Uttranchal
if Delhiites there sms 7575?

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